Got invited to a wedding this Spring?

We've put together a list of what shoes you should wear depending on the venue.


Backyard Wedding

Keep it simple and make it a wedge!  Wedges have more surface area on the sole so your feet won't sink in to the ground while you walk.  Our favorite is the Kim And Cork Take New York Wedge because it can be worn well past Summer and it's available in five neutral colors.

black kim and cork take new york wedge on model


Country Wedding

Go for western boho vibes!  A wood block heel will match the rustic venue and an open-toe silhouette keeps it Spring appropriate.  We like the Buckle Or Nothing Heel for this venue.

Model standing in the brown buckle or nothing heel


Beach Wedding

Easy and bright is the way to go.  A wedge will be easier to walk in sand in than a heel but the easiest way to go is a flat sandal.  We like the Crochet With Us Wedge because of the natural elements and the Woven One Slide as a flat yet dressy option.

it's crochet with us white wedge on model
gold the woven one slide on model


Black Tie Wedding

The fancier, the better!  A stiletto is always a go-to for black tie events and a classic pump is a staple.  For formal weddings, we suggest the Fluent In Diamonds heel with a long gown or the Double Pump Latte heel with a cocktail dress.

fluent in diamonds heel on model


double pump latte heel on model


Church Wedding

Think sweet.  Keep your shoe classy yet simple.  We like the Pop The Cork Heel because of the simple thin straps and the Care To Dance? Heel for a slightly more formal option.

pop the cork heel


care to dance heel


Vineyard or Winery Wedding

It's all about the scenery and the good times.  Keep your heel easy to walk in, because more than likely, you're going to be walking on uneven ground.  A block heel like the There Chic Goes heel is a good option for this venue.

there chic goes heel on model


No matter where the wedding is or what the style, you can never go wrong with a shoe you feel confident in, besides a sneaker of course.  So have fun with it!  Invest in a pair of shoes that make you smile.


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