Nothing is worse then coming home to find your heel covered in chew marks.  As cute as puppies are, they aren't very shoe-friendly sometimes.  Here's a step-by-step guide to revive those heels into something wearable and fun.


back of the orange chewed stiletto heel


First, gather your supplies.

Exacto knife

Sandpaper or nail file

Paint brush

Modge Podge


Cheap sponge (we used a makeup sponge)


supplies to replace chewed heel on tan mat


Now that you have all the supplies, let's get to the good stuff.


Step 1.

Assess the situation.  If your heel isn't chewed up too bad, you can skip this step.  If not, grab your exacto knife and cut off the damage.  We cut off the leather and the rubber on the entire heel then peeled off all the pieces.

brunette using knife to cut away chewed heel


Step 2.

Sand and prep.  Buff off any spurs and clean off any remaining glue.  You can use any cleaner for this but we found that goof off worked the best on our other shoes that we've tested this with.  You can also put on painters tape at this point to protect the rest of the heel if you want.

brunette using nail file on stiletto heel


Uncovered stiletto heel on tan mat


Step 3.

Brush on the glue.  Apply a layer of glue to the parts of the heel that you removed the leather and rubber from.  Be careful not to put it on too thick or you'll end up with a gluey mess.

brunette brushing on modge podge on heel


Step 4. 

Sprinkle on some glitter (and crystals if you want.)  To get a full coverage glitter, use a sponge to press the glitter on to the heel.

brunette sprinkling on orange glitter


brunette sponging on orange glitter on stiletto heel

After about a few hours, your shoe should be ready for another layer.  Do as many coats as you want, we did two for this heel.


Step 5.

Seal them up.  Sponge on a thin layer of modge podge or spray on a light coat of sealant.

 close up of the orange heel with modge podge coat on glitter


And there you go!  A once-chewed heel is now a custom pair with lots of sparkle.

orange stiletto heel with sparkly stiletto

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